Monday, April 20, 2009

We all have a bit to learn

Cool obsession could be in any person’s life.  It is a type of cool that nearly borders geeky cool sometimes.  My first thought of cool obsession went to a film named Wordplay, which is about the New York Times crossword puzzle and the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.  How nerdy is that right? But after seeing the documentary I have some admiration for how dedicated those competitors really are.  People train themselves to work crossword puzzles as quickly and accurately as possible.  These are people who learn so much because they are working puzzles and competing.  I can only imagine the amount of knowledge that is learned in order to become good enough to compete in the tournament.  Not only does the passion and obsession remind me of Paris is Burning, but it also falls under the same type of film, documentary.  There is new vocabulary introduced and people are famous throughout the world of crossword puzzles. 

Another movie, actually series of movies, comes to mind while thinking of obsession.  These movies are about action and mystery and obsession for winning and out smarting other people.  Oceans 11, 12, and 13 all contain cool obsession.  The world of big money heists is a small one, so all of the key players know each other well.  This knowledge allows for people to form alliances and work together or sneak behind each other’s backs to be the one with the last laugh and the money.  It takes a group of highly diverse and talented me to steal a major Las Vegas casino’s money the first time; the second time it requires the help of an old world renown thief and traveling through Europe to steal a priceless treasure to repay the first heist.  The last time requires helping out one of their own and getting back money that has been wrongfully taken from their partner. 

In each film the group won’t stop until they have completed their set task.  They develop elaborate plans to make things work and call on contacts to help them out of situations.  Their obsession can be dangerous, just like that of Paris is Burning when one young man is killed, but the thrill and satisfaction is worth it in the end to the group.  The Ocean’s group works together, everyone is family and no one is going to be cut out or let down.  There are leaders and followers, but everyone gives everything they have. 

Cool obsession can be found in all area of life, it just requires something over which you obsession, and of course it helps to have people with you who think your cool obsession is worth something.

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  1. Obsession does seem to be cool; it involves being an expert and avid follower of an idea. But perhaps obsession is cool only in a certain light? For instance, if you are the only one obsessed with making the perfect cup of coffee, people may just shrug you off as a little crazy about your coffee, but if there is a group of you, then you can be found more cool and interesting because of your expertise and exclusive "club". It's a bad example, but maybe you get the idea...