Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cool Satire

Satire can be seen in many different films.  Even films that are not an obvious satire can still sometimes have something to teach us about society and different topics of which we should be aware. 

One example of a movie that does not seem to be a satire but yet still has something to say is Chicago.  Its flashy advertising, the music, the costumes, the dancing, and so many other parts of this musical may seem as though nothing of importance can be said, but it just isn’t so.  Chicago revolves around a woman in the 1920’s who has killed her lover on the side and goes to jail while awaiting her trial.  There is so much to learn about the corruption of the justice system, or at least to gain some awareness.  Though I saw the film while I was younger and less aware of satire in films, the themes still seem to remain with me and show me that satire in films is effective.  The racy outfits and dancing seem to gain the attention of the audience and subliminally leave messages about the possibility for corruption.  The women in the film use all available resources to gain favor with the law enforcement and hopefully get out of their bad situations.  Not all women are successful and there is something to be said when the only innocent woman of the group is hung for allegedly murdering her husband.  The lawyer who represents the two main women, Velma and Roxy, is conniving and manipulates the law and evidence to win his cases.  All throughout the film there is corruption and deceit.  Though it is amusing in the musical form, it is something against which we are being warned.

Thank You for Smoking is another film that uses a lighthearted manner to convince viewers that there are important things to learn about certain industries.  The main character, Nick, is a spokes person for a group that is completely supported by tobacco companies and so every study that the group conducts will find that there is no link between lung cancer and smoking.  The corruption is made to be amusing in this film; it is so bluntly obvious that he is lying that laughter must follow.  Thank You for Smoking is a bit more obvious as a satire, most people are very aware of the correlation between smoking and lung cancer.  It is comical to see Nick change up the truth, but in the back of our heads we are all thinking how true it really is.  

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