Thursday, April 2, 2009

Classical, oh so much more

Sure classical music may seem old and maybe a little too fancy or boring, but it really has so much to offer.  It seems as though younger generations have lost touch and can generally misunderstand classical music.  Maybe it is not as dark and grimy as say Saturday Night Fever, but I would say that classical music fits into the same classification of being misunderstood.  That is not to say that ever part of it is happy, there are many darker sides of classical music and darker sides to the stories behind musical compositions. 

By now you might realize that classical music is an important part of culture to me.  It has so much to offer.  Maybe the issue is that people have not been properly taught how to enjoy most classical music.  Yes, we hear classical music in weddings or in movies, but it is not on the top of hit music charts.  Most people do not think about how they would like to hear a certain symphony or concerto, and I am mainly thinking of younger generations.  How is it that so many people could over look such a great art form?  It is because it is an art that is better with understanding, and many young people do not want to take the time to understand it, to them it may seem long and boring.  Not all young people feel this way, especially not those who have studied music for longer periods of time or have grown up in families that have taught them the importance of this art. 

Those of us who do really enjoy classical music know of the power of emotions that may be found in a piece.  Because there are no words, every piece can take on a different meaning for each listener.  Interpretation is what makes music and art in general so wonderful.  A composition that may remind one person of a beautiful sight in nature may remind another person of a wedding of a friend, and may remind another person of a recent emotional experience in his life.

Besides interpretation there is the intriguing history behind each composition.  The tale may just be one of gazing upon a beauty, but another may be from a messy ongoing battle between families.  The story behind music may be made up such as Symphonie Fantastique about an artist under the influence of opium or could be composed for a church service written in reverence to God. 

There are some different parts of today’s culture that does help classical music come out of its hiding places.  Many children are familiar with classical music from Bugs Bunny cartoons and even now the Disney Channel show for young children, Little Einsteins, frequently uses popular pieces from classical music.  As we develop, classical music can often be found in popular movies.  The music heard movies may actually be a classical piece or the score may be heavily influenced by classical music.  I only hope that these small exposures to the world of classical music will provoke each person to take another listen and discover what he may have to gain from the experience. 

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