Friday, April 10, 2009


Robocop, oh the humanity.  Even though the film is from the 1980’s, the themes are still very important today.  Alex Murphy is killed in the line of duty and since he has signed his life to the police force the corporation in charge, OCP, choose to use his body to make a new prototype of a robot working off of a human system.  He fights injustice and works for the good of society.  He even smashes the corruption involved in OCP, he is making the world a better place.  Among all of his heroic acts, Robocop begins to long for something more.  He knows that there is something missing and he begins to work on finding that something.  He returns to his former house and actually is able to have a memory or two of his wife and child.  While Robocop was alive he had a partner and she begins working with him to help him discover who he once was.  He knows there was something more at some point and it takes him a while to discover what that had been.  His life at one point was more than just serving the law, though now he can do a more effective job by only seeing what goes on in a right or wrong sense. 

He chooses to search for his humanity, but what bothers me is that though it will be a good thing for him in some ways, maybe it really is not that great.  Once discovering whom he once was Robocop, or now Murphy, has a connection with the audience based on humanity that is much more effective for the director’s message to be shown.  I run into one main issue with Robocop and his humanity, he will never die.  In the end, every person he meets and with whom he creates a relationship will perish.  I feel as though it is all in vain in the end, though it does not matter for the film’s sake.  His humanity is important to make the audience care about him and about the satire of the movie, but I cannot seem to get past the fact that he will never die.  He serves his purpose in the film, so at least that much is accomplished and maybe I just need to get over what never even happens in the film.  Maybe I should imagine that one day he does break down or that OCP chooses to terminate the immortal Robocop.

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