Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Through Casablanca, we come to know some type of sacrifice.  Rick gives up his true love in life to allow the underground movement to continue in its attempts to stop the Nazis.  He knows that though he has sentiments for the underground, he will never have to voice and publicity of Victor Lazlo.  Rick adds his part in the fight by giving the two travel visas to Ilsa and Lazlo and making sure their plane leaves Casablanca.  The fight will continue as strong as ever, because Rick does not put his own wishes first.  There have been other people who have to make sacrifices in their lives and they are not always as small as choosing to give up a visa.  Many people choose to sacrifice their lives for a cause in which they truly believe.  

Sacrifice is not just something of the movies; it is an every day occurrence.  In 9th grade I choose to do a history day project on sacrifice in the Boxer Rebellion.  Specifically, I did a group performance on a missionary family, Charles, Eva Jane, and Florence Price.  I read a book full of letters written mostly by Eva to her family and friends.  This missionary family gave up life in the United States to go share the gospel with the "heathens" of China.  The family worked to build belief in the salvation of Christ throughout Fen Chow Fu for many years.  They mainly wanted to equip Chinese Christians to hold their own church services and Bible studies.  After four or five years the Boxer uprising began, though it did not immediately affect the Prices.  It did spread to areas near the family, but the Prices stayed longer to help others in peril.  Once they did choose to leave, they were murdered on their way out of the country.  The Price family gave the ultimate sacrifice for what they held most dear, they gave their lives.  Missionaries around the world make sacrifices and I believe that qualifies them for cool sacrifice.  

There is sacrifice all through movies as well.  One movie that comes to mind is Pan's Labyrinth.  The little girl in the story makes a large sacrifice in the end to help someone else (I won't say exactly what it is in case you haven't see it).  She does gain something out of her sacrifice, but it is still a sacrifice.  Rick gains something out of his own sacrifice, which makes me wonder what exactly qualifies as a sacrifice in life.  It seems you can still gain something from your sacrifice, but not gain too much.  Where is the line drawn?

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  1. It seems that we are drawn to people who sacrifice for the greater good. As you said, sacrifice is all through the movies. I am wondering what you see Rick gaining out of his sacrifice? His life? Glory? Bragging rights? Haha, It seemed to me that he was definitely willing to put his life on the line, his walking away seemed a gamble...