Thursday, February 12, 2009

My kind of cool

After watching Play it Again, Sam I had a hard time thinking about who I really look to for cool.  I thought for a long time to come up with an actor or actress I really thought fit, but to no avail.  I thought about musicians and though a couple come close, I don't think of them that often.  Then I began thinking maybe the way in which I do things is different than Allen Felix, and then it began to make sense.  I don't think of someone and his or her cool the way that Allen thinks of Bogart.  My thoughts about how someone else is cool and how I somehow idolize that are much more subconscious and subtle.  Since making that realization I can easily see how people channel a type of cool they see in someone else.  

I have a couple of very close relationships with people, not a large number of mediocre relationships.  Some of my closest relationships are with my siblings.  I grew up in a very small house, the youngest of four.  We were not wealthy, so most of our entertainment in life involved each other.  There are no memories from my childhood that come to mind that are missing all of my siblings.  Being the youngest leads to looking up to my brother and sisters.  All while growing up I would look to them for what was cool, as time has passed, it seems not much has changed.  I can see now how much I have made them my definition of cool.  My oldest sister is a doctor, which I now aspire to be one day.  I talk with her weekly about my classes and she lets me know what to expect throughout life.  My brother is brilliant and has really made friends that will be there a lifetime.  I seek his approval on most things.  When I recently told him I was planning to change my major to English pre-med, he told me that during college he had the best English professor and if he had not have been required to start all over he would have gotten an English degree.  My face lit up just knowing that our passions in life are so similar.  My middle sister is so carefree and personable, I only wish I could genuinely know as many people as she does.  

When I see all of my siblings together, even with their spouses, something is just perfect in the world.  My role models not only of cool but also of life in general are truly amazing.  I am sure I could come up with some legitimate reasons that I think some musician is my cool model, but that would be lying.  My siblings are more amazing than any actor or actress or musician is ever going to become, if only because I know them, and can really see their cool in life.


  1. That's sweet. I really liked how you were true to yourself and chose something that wasn't superficial.

  2. That is really interesting. I have always tried to be as unlike my siblings as possible.

    Do you think you would still look up to your siblings if they weren't your siblings?